Does Taking the PLSO Make Sense

How familiar are you with the Partial Lump Sum Option (PLSO)? Are you aware of what it is and what it
takes to be eligible for it when you retire? Is it the same benefit for everyone? How will it impact your
taxes, or does it even have to impact your taxes?

Simply put, the PLSO was added to PSRS/PEERS as an incentive to keep possible retirees working longer
instead of retiring, therefore, not putting a strain on the retirement system. Though it was added in as
an incentive, and incentives are usually a good thing, many PSRS/PEERS members don’t even consider
the PLSO when planning for their retirement. This could be for a variety of reasons. Several clients come
to initial meetings with misconceptions regarding the PLSO. Some clients aren’t familiar with the
required benchmarks and are unaware they are even eligible for the incentive. Yet others come in
believing the PLSO will be highly taxed, which isn’t always necessarily true.

Everyone’s situation is unique. Based upon a client’s personal financial picture, there can be many
reasons why someone should or should not consider taking the PLSO when they decide to retire. Those
reasons, for or against, can be uncovered during the distinctive financial discovery process Ameritime
uses when meeting with clients. Though the PLSO may not be for everyone, before retiring make sure
you have the correct facts and all the information. Allow an Ameritime team to guide you through the
discovery process to ensure you have explored all the pros and cons of taking the PLSO and how it will
impact your financial future.

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