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Ameritime® is a group of former Missouri educators, along with an Integrated Financial Network®, who work together to educate educators about their money. Since 1989, Ameritime has continued to thoroughly understand all the regulations and benefits of the Missouri Public School Retirement System. We know the importance of these benefits and are determined to share our experience and knowledge with other Missouri educators.

Over the last 30 years, we have met with thousands of educators across the state and developed financial strategies that help PSRS/PEERS members maximize their pensions. We feel that when educators understand there are ways to maximize their pensions and we help develop financial strategies for them, the educators will be able to control more of their cash flow and wealth. The ultimate result is for educators to retain and utilize their money to their advantage; they would also be able to pass more of their wealth onto future generations.


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Integrated Financial Network Coordinator


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Educator Specialist

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Educator Specialist

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The Ameritime® - Resource One™ Process

Ameritime likes to take each of our clients through a unique, 3-phase process that we have designed specifically for educators in the Missouri PSRS/PEERS retirement system. When an educator goes through this process, they will learn unique ways to maximize their pension for their benefit as well as their family’s benefit.

Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is designed to explore the different facets of the PSRS/PEERS retirement system by reviewing the following:

  • Full retirement benchmarks and benefits
  • Early retirement benchmarks and benefits
  • Partial Lump Sum Option (PLSO)
  • Effects PSRS will have on Social Security Benefits
  • Survivorship Options
  • Can you buy time? Does it make sense?
  • Your monthly pension benefits

Once we have covered all pension options and answered any questions the client may have, we move on to the next part of the Discovery Phase.

The second part of the Discovery Phase consists of completing a Financial Discovery on the educator’s current financial status.  The Financial Discovery was developed to give the Ameritime team a Financial Picture, or visual tool, to think through and begin to strategize the best options for the educator’s retirement package. There are so many different things to consider when choosing benefits, we feel it is unfair to give benefit recommendation without knowing a client’s full Financial Picture.

If the educator chooses and feels it makes sense for them to continue, we move on to the next phase of our process.

Strategy Phase

Once the Discovery Phase is complete, we introduce our Integrated Financial Network as needed to strategize how we can maximize the educator’s pension benefits, help them gain more control of their cash flow, minimize taxes, and create lasting wealth for them and their next generations. We strategize on the following parts of the educator’s Financial Picture:

  • Maximum pension check with a tax-free survivor benefit
  • Create more cash flow each month in retirement
  • Grow assets in the most tax efficient manner
  • Minimize tax liability throughout retirement
  • Most effective ways to handle debt obligations
  • Pass assets to the next generation most efficiently

If the educator decides to utilize the strategies that Ameritime and the Integrated Financial Network created for them, the desired end result will be that the client and their family will have more money to retain and utilize during their lifetime and more to share with future generations.

Our next phase is a long-term monitoring plan designed specifically for each of our clients.

Measure and Monitor Phase

Once we help an educator discover and strategize based on their Financial Picture, we begin the long-term Measure and Monitor Phase. We set up a plan to meet with the educator each year for an annual review of their Financial Picture and to touch base with their integrated financial team.  Please note that Ameritime and the financial team will also meet with the educator upon their personal request or if their Financial Picture has had a significant change before the annual review. The Measure and Monitor phase consists of the following:


  • Meet on an annual basis to review the client’s Financial Picture.
  • Update the client’s cash flow, assets, and taxation.
  • Look for new ways to help enhance the client’s Financial Picture.
  • The Integrated Financial Network works together as a team to ensure everything is working as planned and discussed.

Integrated Financial Network®

Our network performs as a faculty of financial professionals working on behalf of the educator. Our network ensures that each educator has the opportunity to receive expert advice on their complete Financial Picture in one place. We feel we have created a process unique to the financial service industry to help all educators maximize their pensions, gain greater control of their cash/wealth, and leave money to the next generation or favorite charities.

Once an educator teams up with Ameritime, we can communicate with the professionals in the Integrated Financial Network®  to ensure the most efficient methods of dealing with the educator’s financial needs. Our goal to make the Integrated Financial Network®  easy to obtain and utilize will help to eliminate an educator’s frustrations often present when trying to coordinate various independent money and financial services.                                                                                       

Q & A

We plan our daily lessons, dinners, parties, vacations…..Why not plan for our retirement, too? PSRS allows you to plug in your age and years of service to give you retirement date options. These options allow you to start thinking about long range planning and goal setting. The possible retirement options need to be examined carefully to see what will fit your life, based on your personal situation. You may have plenty of years to figure it out, but as I always say, “It is important to get your ducks in a row.” Have a plan, gain confidence, and control your finances. It is never too late, nor too early, to start planning (baby steps are great, as well)!
As you know, time seems to “fly by” faster and faster every year. When I reflect on my career, I can’t believe I spent 27 years teaching. Where did the time go? I am thankful that I planned my retirement years ago. Also though I remember thinking that May 2017 would never arrive….well, it did and I was ready!

This is not a secret, nor is it magic! I sought the help of a trained and trusted financial professional that was well versed with our retirement system (PSRS). I then followed their advice. I was able to purchase 2.5 years of service credit because I had paid into Social Security for a couple of years. I was then able to purchase .5 years of service credit when I was within 5 years of retirement. (In short, I taught for 27 years and bought 3 years of service credit for my full 30 years.) I also met each year with my financial professional to review and update my retirement plan as needed. In addition, I stopped putting money into my 403B at the advice of my financial professional. This gave me more freedom with my money without sacrificing my retirement benefits. Since we put 17% of our salaries into our retirement, I did not need a second plan with the 403B.

I rolled money from my 403B to pay for my three years of service credit. My financial professional helped me complete the paperwork to send to the Social Security office as well as to the PSRS office. The Social Security office looked at my records to determine how many service years I was eligible to purchase and the PSRS office then sent me the cost for the eligible years. I then rolled my 403B money over to my PSRS account to purchase the service credit.
Expensive? Well, that makes a good discussion. I am now enjoying retirement at the age of 47 years. If I would have left my money in the 403B, I would not be able to access it until the age of 59.5 years. So, I think the transfer of money was well worth the cost!

Financial planning is not a “cookie cutter” approach, especially for those of us with defined pension plans (what we get from the PSRS and PEERS). It is helpful/important to discuss your family’s finances with your significant other, as well as your trusted financial professionals on a regular basis. And you should be sure to choose a professional who will discuss the pros and cons of your approach to “saving money,” and who is proactive about reviewing YOUR unique financial picture, while strategizing with you and your family to gain greater control of your money.


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