Have You Thought About Your Retirement…Really, Seriously Thought About It?

Retirement  Does it seem like a long way off or like it is just around the corner?  Regardless, you owe it to yourself and your family to make your retirement planning a priority.  

Planning  When should I start planning?  Where do you start?  Who can you talk to in order to get accurate answers to pension questions? What are the PSRS/PEERS benchmarks?  How long do I have to work?  Am I eligible to buy years? Survivor Benefit choices?  There are so many questions to ask with so much to discover about your Financial Picture in relation to your PSRS / PEERS pension benefits.

It is NEVER too soon to start planning for your future and your retirement.  After all, time flies when you are busy working and having fun!

For over 30 years, teams of Ameritime Educator Specialists have been meeting with PSRS/PEERS members to educate them about their pensions and their money.  These specialized teams feel that once educators understand there are efficient financial strategies available to maximize their pensions, the educators will be able to control more of their cash flow and wealth. The ultimate result is for educators to retain and utilize their money to their advantage; they would also be able to pass more of their wealth onto future generations.

Ready to learn more about the Ameritime Process and start your financial planning to prepare for your retirement? 

Contact Ameritime today for a complimentary meeting with one of our Educator Specialist teams.

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