Our Control Option Team with Resource One has taught Joe and me that financial planning is NOT a “cookie cutter” approach. Each individual / family has their own financial picture.

Our Resource One Control Option Team took the time to get to know Joe and me along with our children.  We discussed our short term and long term goals and the futures of our children (generational planning).  With the team’s help, we captured a “picture” of information such as our taxable assets, tax-deferred assets, our fixed/ not fixed monthly expenses, irregular /regular expenses, tax free assets, efficient / inefficient loans, and current tax bracket.  We discussed our wealth that was in our control and our wealth that was NOT in our control.   To be very honest, we were shocked how much of our money was flowing out of our control.  It was flowing into the control of the banks and the government.   We were working full time jobs and maintaining successful side businesses all the while much of our money was not accessible to us.  Dumbfounded, we asked this question of our Resource One Control Option Team:

 What do you mean by:  Gain greater control of your money?

Gaining greater control of your money simply means that you literally have access to, and are able to utilize, more of your money. This also means that less of your money would be flowing into control of the banks and government, where it often would be limited or no access to you. 

A specially designed, high cash value, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy (contract) with a mutual insurance company is one such way to help you gain greater control of your money.  These types of policies create a privatized banking system (PBS) that should be designed with the help of an appropriately trained and capable financial team of Resource One advisors (Control Option Team) who are well informed about your complete financial picture.  (These policies are called SDLICs.)

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