Why Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s August! August is really just an eternal Sunday night for teachers. While many of us are starting to think about the last days of summer, ALL of us are starting to get excited about the upcoming year.

With so many things to do, I’d like to share a time saver that targets my students’ needs, saves me time, and reduces my need for space! Teachers Pay Teachers is amazing! It was created by Paul Edelman a former NYC Public school teacher. Who knows students better than their teachers?

What I absolutely love about this online marketplace is the ability to target a resource specific to what my students need. My time searching for the perfect resource to target a skill is drastically reduced. I can type in RTI, comprehension, phonics, place value or fractions and it’s all there at my fingertips! I can individualize instruction to fit the needs of each of my students. If they need help or if they need a challenge, the resources are there.

Gone are the days where I search through all of my paper files to find the resource I need. This is a huge time saver. I can download all my purchases and use them right away or save them for later. I then search my drive and print only what I need.

TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) has also reduced the amount of space I need to store all those resources. I don’t have the need to have a huge file cabinet filled with original copies of every possible resource I may someday need. I recently purged a ton of files, some of which included Ditto machine copies. A DITTO machine people! I am certainly dating myself but why would I feel the need to keep those? My file cabinet has new life and new space! I am looking to downsize from a four-drawer file cabinet to a two-drawer file cabinet. That’s a big amount of space when you are trying to maximize 1020 sq. feet! Teachers are inherent hoarders. We keep things we may use 10 years from now! With TPT, I’m now able to free up classroom space by saving everything digitally.

Someday when I retire, I would like to really explore the option of selling on TPT. Added income right? With Ameritime’s help I will be able to do that sooner than I ever imagined. Until then, I need to go to TPT…there’s a big SALE!

– Mindy

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  1. I always thought TPT was for elementary teachers but I found some awesome higher level resources there this summer! It’s not just for the young ones. ?

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