Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Contrary to typical financial industry practices, Ameritime understands the importance of taking an entire snapshot of each client’s financial picture in order to develop an applicable and appropriate financial strategy for the individual or family.  When we meet with families to discuss their financial questions, we believe it is critical to analyze each situation individually. Because there are many variables to consider, strategies that work well for some families may not be the best course of action for others. Although we answer general questions related to money and retirement, we find that we answer a handful of questions more frequently than others and these must all be answered based on individual circumstances. 

Some of these frequently asked questions are as follows:

When can I retire? 
Should I buy service credit?
Am I eligible for the PLSO and if so, when should I take it?
How should I solve my survivor benefit decision?
Will I qualify for a SS benefit and if so, when should I take it?
How will my tax situation change in retirement?
What are some possible ways to increase cash flow before and during retirement?

Since the answers to these questions are likely different for you than they are for your friends and neighbors, we recommend you contact an Ameritime representative for personalized answers to any of your questions related to money and retirement.

Additional frequently asked questions and answers are listed below: 

Does Ameritime work only with public school teachers?

While that is our primary focus group, our creative strategies and resource network can be applied to practically any situation that calls for decisions about how best to help accumulate and/or utilize financial assets (cash).

If all of your educational sessions are complimentary, how do you get paid?

We have a way of how our clients compensate us. If a client decides to use one of our Resource Network Specialists, when allowable by law, those resources will share compensation with Ameritime. If a client meets with us but has no need to utilize any of our Resources, many times that educator will share his/her experience with colleagues. The latter results in hundreds of referrals for our Ameritime teams each year.

What do you mean by “utilize financial assets”?

Unfortunately, many people give up control of their money by placing assets in locations or products that do not allow flexibility for someone to actually “use” those dollars as needed without losing the investment power and potential for growth. We will share information related to alternative options for accumulation of assets which also include the option for “using” those dollars as needed.

Why does Ameritime offer all these resources?

Research demonstrates that a client would rather work with one provider that can effectively coordinate a plan best suited for their needs, as opposed to dealing with many different, disconnected financial resources.