Lesson Plan Summaries

Lesson Plan Summaries

PSRS/PEERS Pension Education

This course is designed to teach educators and education employees the basics of his/her PSRS/PEERS pension and also share strategies that could potentially enhance that pension. A brief overview of the retirement benchmarks for PSRS and/or PEERS members is given. Additionally, we will share pertinent information related to purchasing years, existing retirement incentives such as the Partial Lump Sum Option (PLSO), and also delve into the various pension survivor options.

How to Keep more of “Your” Money

Missouri Public School Educators and Education Employees send significant dollars each month to the PSRS/PEERS on a tax deferred. Often times, they send additional dollars to other tax deferred accounts with limited or no access to those dollars until after retirement (403b, 457).

This course teaches facts about the pension contribution rates and returns on investment and potential 403b/457 limitations. Ultimately, this is designed to help educators and education employees DISCOVER what dollars are flowing into their control and what dollars are flowing out of their control. STRATEGIZE so more money flows into their control. So that the END RESULT is that there will be more money to retain and utilize during the rest of their life and for future generations.

Understanding Medicare

This course focuses on the A-B-C-Ds of Medicare, starting with the basic decisions that one faces upon reaching the age of 65. Care is taken to objectively explain the differences between Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and employer plans available to retirees. Emphasis is on objectivity and providing as much information as possible so individuals can make an “informed decision.” We will conclude by discussing the FUTURE OF MEDICARE and HOW TO FIGURE ALL OF THIS OUT!

Understanding Social Security

This course teaches the basics of Social Security: eligibility; types of benefits available (off one’s work record; off someone else’s work record); basic definitions (PIA, FRA); how benefits are calculated; how one can increase benefits; how and why benefits can be reduced; when to take benefits (advantages/disadvantages of taking early or later). Emphasis – for public school educators – is on “debunking the myth” that educators cannot receive any Social Security benefit AND explaining how the WEP and GPO “can” affect their benefits. Emphasis also is on teaching the various strategies that can be employed to maximize benefits for married couples: workers’ benefits, spousal benefits, and widow/survivor benefits. The educational event ends with a discussion on the “future of Social Security.”

Navigating Financial Aid….A seminar for Parents of College Bound Students

Have you ever wanted to know how to use the financial aid system to get your student a SCHOLARSHIP, even if you make good money??? This course is designed to help students decide which colleges to apply to, including what the colleges really want to see in your student's application. You will also learn the 5 questions to ask colleges before your student visits or applies to a college, how to maximize your student's potential to receive scholarships, grants, and other gift-aid and how to attend a private university for a public college price? Additionally, we will address why procrastination can (and will most likely) cost a family thousands of dollars. We will provide a detailed time-line for success and will also touch on how important is social media becoming in college acceptance.



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