Retirement Rundown: Shari Sevier

Imagine you’re relaxing on a white, sandy beach, sipping a drink, and fully engulfed by the sound of the ocean.  You can’t think of a more perfect scenario, and as you drift into total relaxation… boom! It hits. Your brain  unconsciously kicks into planning mode, and you are wondering if your future is stable. We’ve all been there. 

Whether your scenario is the beach, or the mountains, or simply sitting at home… everyone eventually has the  “retirement epiphany”. Figuring out if you and your family will be financially cared for in the future can be  concerning, daunting or even frightening, especially for people in the education system. But it doesn’t have to  be. Thankfully, companies like Ameritime are here to hold your hand and guide you through once that  realization strikes. 

The old cliché, “seeing is believing” (or in this case, “reading is believing”) is just that. A cliché. But the base  nature of the adage certainly still holds plenty of water. Get to know Shari Sevier… and judge for yourself. 

In love with teaching and helping others since she was in high school, Shari started her impressive career at  Keuka College in New York, which included a Field Period program that took her to Shriners’ Hospital in  Mexico City and a work camp in Chambon-sur-Lignon, France. She then taught Spanish and French at the  middle and high school levels for 11 years before discovering her true passion… counseling. 

After losing her father to pancreatic cancer at a young age, she decided to return to school, saying, “I couldn’t  imagine a child going through the loss of a parent without someone there to say, ‘I know.’” She went on to  graduate from the University of New York Oswego with a Certificate in Advanced Studies before getting her  doctorate from Syracuse University in Counselor Education. From there she became the Vice-President for  Coordinators and Directors of School Counselors and was then elected as Chair of the Board of Directors twice  for the national association. 

Shari was selected by the United States Department of State to travel to Azerbaijan to teach teachers and  students about career development, and even got to meet and introduce the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Quite  a ride for a remarkable woman, but even if you don’t get to meet the First Lady, you still need to think about  your future. 

Ameritime picked Shari’s brain about how she got started, and her journey into retirement.  Her responses are below: 

What drove you to contact Ameritime? 

“When my boss was retiring from her position as Deputy Superintendent, she gathered the Coordinator group  together and told all of us, ‘When you get ready to retire, you need to contact Ameritime. I wouldn’t be ready to  do this without them.’ That resonated and stuck with me. As soon as I decided to retire, I contacted Ameritime,  and I’ve never second-guessed that decision.” 

After your initial meeting, why did you decide to come back?

“One of my greatest regrets is that I didn’t learn about the DOs and DON’Ts of retirement earlier in my  life. Each time I contact Ameritime, I’m treated with great respect and warmth. They speak in understandable  terms and concepts, which helps me better shape my decisions. They aren’t afraid to make other suggestions. I  feel like they really know me, and they understand the foundation for my thoughts and decisions. They’re not  just advisors; they have become friends…the kind of friends who tell it like it is and are always bluntly honest. I  love and value that because it enhances the trust I have in my financial advisors. Having grown up where money  was always an issue, I’m acutely aware and protective about my assets. I’ve seen poor examples of money  handling and the ramifications it has had; I never want to be in that position, and Ameritime makes sure I will  not.” 

What stood out to you about what Ameritime does compared to other financial institutions,  and have you utilized any of the other companies in their Integrated Financial Network®? 

“As I mentioned above, it’s the plain talk and explanation that I value. I’m also incredibly impressed with the  number of experts they draw on. No matter what I need, they see to it that I’m advised by the best. When we  wanted to write a Trust, they put us in touch with a wonderful attorney. When I had questions about Social  Security and Medicare, they had me meet with another expert. Each individual talked plainly and rationally,  showing the options and helping me to select the best course of action. “ 

“We use the tax services Ameritime has in its network. That’s very helpful because our network of financial  advisors all work together and have access to our financial history. I also use another financial advisor in  Ameritime for my investments. We utilize the banking system that Mark Benson developed. That’s been very  helpful to us as we have money available to us for “big ticket” wants/needs. My daughter, who is also a school  counselor, has already contacted Ameritime about her own financial future; I couldn’t be happier that she took  my advice.”  

“Ameritime is an amazing resource for educators. Without them, I can’t imagine what I would NOT be able to  do in my retirement. I trust their expertise and advice beyond measure.”  

Again, it sounds cliché, but it’s pretty remarkable. This isn’t a script for a romantic comedy. It’s just the real  world, where taking a knowledgeable, calculated step can lead to surprising financial stability and growth… if  you know the right people. 

Welcome to the right people.

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