The Clock is ticking… and chances are it’s time to put some serious thought into retirement.

Retirement: For some it may seem a long way down the road. For others it can feel like it’s just around the corner. In either case, it’s equally important for yourself and your family to make retirement planning a priority. And in this case, sooner is always better than later.

Planning: The planning aspect of retirement is rife with questions, and can seem daunting or overwhelming from the start. Queries such as “When should I start?”, “Where do I start?” and “Who do I talk to?” are the most common. But for educators there are more fine-tuned specifics. You’ll want to know what the PSRS/PEERS benchmarks are, how long you will have to work, if you are eligible to buy years and whether there are Survivor Benefit choices. These are all questions that Ameritime has the answers to, which can help give you a sense comfort and excitement as opposed to panic or fear. We’re here to help and we’re good at what we do.

It’s NEVER too soon to start planning for your future and your retirement. Life can get the drop on you, whether you’re living the dream or grinding away, and you’re going to want a safety net of financial stability when you finally decide hang up your lanyard.

For over 30 years, teams of Ameritime Educator Specialists have been meeting with PSRS/PEERS members to educate them about their pensions and how to get the most out of their money.  Once our specialized teams work their magic and implement these efficient financial strategies, educational professionals will be able to maximize their pensions, control more of their cash flow and reappropriate their wealth. 

Our end game is to allow educators to retain and utilize their money to their advantage and pass it along to future generations.  Pure and simple. 

Ready to learn more about the Ameritime process and start your financial planning to prepare for your retirement? 

Contact Ameritime today for a complimentary meeting with one of our Educator Specialist teams.

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